"It's not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it."

-Seneca the Younger, On the Shortness of Life


New workbook available on letter size paper with space to build your plan directly in the book!

Original book available in paperback and Kindle

Ten Thousand Choices provides the tools and encouragement to focus on your vision for the future, create a solid plan for getting there, and make the right choices at the right time to reach your goals.

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Vice President at Orases

The most important takeaway is personal accountability. This book offers a solid set of practical tools in an easy-to-follow format that will help anyone take control over their choices, making a conscious effort to create their future. Own your choices!


PharmD, BCPS, PMP, Captain, United States Public Health Service

Rachel has managed to condense numerous efficiency and process improvement concepts, creating a tool that would otherwise require days of reading and training seminars. Most impressively, she addresses the component of accountability that is often overlooked. This book is a tool that will improve your life. Like any tool, using it is up to the reader to commit to change and chose a better path.”


LCSW-C, BCD, founder of Silver Psychotherapy, LLC

Rachel beautifully constructed a guide that is multi-faceted in its application and validates the human aspect of decision making.  I would highly recommend Ten Thousand Choices to any of my patients who wish to improve the quality of their lives and need an organized method to examine their options.

Why Ten Thousand Choices?

Unless I have some strong controls in place to keep me focused and on track, I can jump from task to task all day long. I start projects and set goals, but have the tendency to abandon them when the next, more exciting or urgent choice comes up – which is pretty much a constant. That was the inspiration for Ten Thousand Choices.


Years ago, I realized if I didn’t do something to get control over everyday distractions, I would never achieve the goals I set for my life. Although it is my natural tendency to try to do everything at once, I knew even back then that I wanted to dedicate the effort and commitment to keep my choices in check and aligned with my goals.


I have been using some form of this personal planning process for most of my adult life and it has grown from a few notes that I kept in my planner to a full system that I use with clients in my coaching and consulting work. I made a long-term goal several years ago to write this all down in a book form. I am happy to complete that goal, but happier yet to share this process with others.