Summer Planning Recap: Was It Amazing?

So just how amazing was this summer?

In a July blog post, I shared a planning tool for creating an “amazing summer”. It entailed creating a guiding vision for what you and your family wanted to get out of your summer, then setting some goals in key areas that would help you achieve your amazing summer vision.

So how did it go?

I admit I was feeling energetic when I wrote my plan. My vision was “Get a crazy amount of stuff done and have fun with my family” and we (this was a family plan) had about 20 goals focused on the core elements of Family, House, Work, Personal and Health. Did it work?

Well, as always, life is an adventure and you crush some goals and others drop off the radar, and that is OKAY! The fact that they were written down and debated made us a thousand times more likely to achieve them. And even though we didn’t hit them all, having a plan gave us direction and generated some forward momentum.

Road trip goals - have fun, see different things, learn something new

Overall, we did have fun and we did get some things accomplished. The family and friends bucket was full by the end of the summer. We had some fun get-togethers, we visited family and we hung out with friends as much as possible. We put some must-see spots down on our road trip list and we hit most of them, and even picked up a few along the way (for example our epic visit to the Boll Weevil Monument in Enterprise, Alabama with my dad).

I am happy to say that I was able to tick some things off the house list that had been bugging me. My son and I repainted his room for starters. I had made a series of bad color choices with his room a few years ago, repainted it at least twice, and just hadn’t had the energy to face it again. Until this summer. He picked out a respectable blue and gray and we did it together. I am not sure the teenager would call it “fun”, but we did work well together, and I think it may have even been a little bit fun. At times. I counted it as fun anyway.

Putting the teenager to work - summer goals!

The laundry room also got some attention as well. I had to laugh to myself about writing a book about planning and making good choices, then proceeded to jump in without so much as a supply list and then make one stupid choice after another with that room. The bad choice of the summer was digging around in my basement and finding 8-year-old paint that “seemed fine” and the color was “close enough” – only to put it on the walls and discover that latex paint can actually go bad. Never knew that. Won’t forget it though. The microbiologist/paint guy at Home Depot explained that paint goes bad when microbes start growing, and when they are exposed to oxygen (as in when I smeared it all over the walls), they explode in number. With that explosion, they release a noxious gas that fills your house with the smell of death and vomit. And that was only one of the mistakes I made during this lovely project. So, after two coats of stain killer (which smells like toxic waste, but better than dead animals), two coats of new paint (this time the exact color I wanted), extra trips to the store, maybe some cursing, way more expense than I expected and at least three extra days of work, the room is done. I painted the cabinets and vinyl floor too, and I think it looks done. Yep, definitely done.

Although I didn’t hit all the work and personal goals I set for the summer, I took care of our most pressing doctor’s and dentist’s appointments and pushed my work goals a little further into the fall. So, I didn’t change the world this summer. Or paint my masterpiece. Or tackle my daughter’s electric green bathroom. Or even catch up on the last season of Game of Thrones. But we did make some choices that contributed to the health and happiness of my family and neighborhood. All in all, it was a fun summer where some good stuff got accomplished. Amazing.

What was your favorite accomplishment of the summer? Do you have a plan for the fall? Download the free PDF for your

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