2018 Is Here and Awaiting Your Command.

What choices are you going to make this year?

Work & Career

Become a [insert career of your dreams here]

Work more hours

Work fewer hours

Get a promotion

Make more money


Quit your job

Get a new job

Get a first job

Start a new side hustle

Expand your role in current job

Change jobs

Change careers

Open a shop

2018 Choices - Open your own shop!

Move to a new location

Gain more expertise in my field

Start your own business

Get a job that will let you “make a difference”

Attend a training program

Get a job that is more in line with your values (e.g., environmental, spiritual, etc.)

Quit the rat race


Spend more time with your kids

Resolve an old conflict with a family member

Have a child

Develop stronger relationships with family members

Spend more time with your parents

Become a foster parent

Rebuild damaged relationships

Get ready for a life/family change

Be prepared for an “empty nest”

Adopt a child

Start family game night

2018 Choices - Family Game Night

Make the time with your family more meaningful/quality time

Address issues among family members

Try fertility treatments

Spend more time with extended family members

Read books with kids

Research your ancestry

Document your family’s life in a scrapbook or photo diary

Stop having children

Start having children

Decide not to have children

Put off having children until later

Physical Health

Lose weight

Spend more time outside

Gain weight

Start a new exercise program

Run a 5K

Run a marathon

See your doctor for a health issue that has been bothering you

Take care of your skin

Take up a new sport

Get in shape

2018 Choices - Get in shape

Eat healthier

Find a new doctor

Reduce television/screen time

Start a food log

Join a gym

Walk 30 minutes per day

Lower your cholesterol

Stop smoking

Go organic/vegetarian/vegan/etc.

Quit your gym

Schedule an annual physical

Get a massage

Get help for drug/alcohol overuse

Start taking vitamin supplements

Cut out sugar

See a chiropractor

See an acupuncturist

Get more fresh air

Emotional/Mental Well-Being

Get anxiety under control

Be happier

Deal with panic attacks/depression/etc.

Be more focused/attentive

Find a therapist

2018 Choices - get help

Reduce stress

Get rid of clutter

Social Connections & Friendships

Make new friends

Renew old friendships

End dysfunctional relationships

Change/improve romantic relationships

2018 Choices - strengthen relationships

Join social groups/clubs

Go “offline” for social interaction

Go “online” for social interaction

Remember friend’s birthdays


Join a church or spiritual group

Explore spiritual/religious options

2018 Choices - faith and spirituality

Live a meaningful life

Share your faith with your children


Get out of debt

Save for retirement

Buy a house

Set up a budget

Buy a car

Review insurance policies and make sure you are adequate covered

Sell your house

Set up a retirement savings account

Find a financial advisor you trust

Review insurance policies and make sure you are not overpaying

Fire your financial advisor if you don’t like him/her

Set up educational saving account(s) for your children

Stop eating out so much

Pay bills


Go back to school

Get a degree/certification

Take a free online class

Take a class at a local community college

2018 Choices - go back to school

Start an apprenticeship

Get your GED/high school equivalent

Learn a new language

Develop a new skill (e.g., computer program, home decorating, cooking)

Enroll in college

Start an internship

Go to graduate school

Download classes on podcast and audio book

Learn a new trade

Hobbies & Interests

Create something

Build something

Learn a new art or craft (e.g., playing piano, oil painting, sewing, etc.)

2018 Choices - try a new hobby

Read more books

Try some Pinterest pins

Redecorate a room in your house

Listen to more music

Download podcasts

Take a photography class

Giving Back/Charity

Donate money

Donate time

Donate material goods

Volunteer at school, church, community, etc. events

2018 Choices - community service

Clean out closets and donate stuff

Clean out toy room and donate

Make a positive difference in the world

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