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Why Ten Thousand Choices?

We make choices every day about our health, our relationships with our family and friends, our work, our finances, our physical space, our appearance, our communities, and more. These are the important choices. On top of that, we are constantly making choices as we shop, drive and interact with the world around us. Then in the background of all these conscious choices we must make, there is the ever-present din of social media posts, political updates, fake news stories, real news stories (not always an improvement), world events, meetings, emails, phone calls, and the list goes on. Each one of these can present us with choices – whether to read it or not, whether to believe it or not, whether to act on it or not. The noise is deafening. It’s overwhelming.

On average, we are probably making some sort of conscious choice at least every 3-5 minutes, during the entire waking day.  That's around

  • 20 conscious choices every waking hour

  • 350 per day (assuming you get 8 hours of sleep, who are we kidding?)

  • 10,000 conscious choices per month. Give or take.


The Ten Thousand Choices planning process starts with the premise that we have 10,000 or more choices each month to start with. When making significant changes to your life, a week is a bit short to see any real, long-term impact, but a month provides a realistic and practical time frame for making some significant, lasting life improvements. Hence, Ten Thousand Choices. So we will start by diving into the 10,000 choices that we make in a given month and then go from there.


Together, we will create a guiding vision and a working document (AKA "plan") that will focus on the most critical core choices that directly affect achieving the vision. The plan will help you recognize those choices and will be preloaded with the “right” choice, all you have to do is seize the opportunity.

So let's get to work

Nine assignments.

Complete them in one sitting or over the course of a month. Your choice. 

Download a free planning checklist to see if the Ten Thousand Choices planning process is right for you.