Well 2021 was not much better

Now is a good time to take a step back from another disastrous year and figure out what you want to do going forward. If you feel you have completely lost touch with who you are and what you want out of life, take this opportunity to stop for a minute. Reflect and reassess your life's course. What is your overall approach to your career, your health, your relationships and your long-term success? Do you have an approach? If not, please use this time and think about it. Stay well.

I will find a career that makes me happy

I will  achieve my health and wellness goals

I will strengthen relationships with people I care about

I will focus on my own learning, growth and development

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Assess your motivations, personal style, career interests and learn how to use them to your advantage



Retell your 2020 story and make your plan for reconnecting and reengaging after the pandemic

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What will you accomplish this year? It is never too late or too early in the year to create your plan. The Ten Thousand Choices planning process will help you focus and organize your thoughts to create a clear vision and a plan for your future so that each choice you make gets you a step closer to your goals.

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Every choice we make matters. Our choices make us who we are and determine our future paths.

  • What are your priorities?

  • Do you understand your own personal factors that are either helping them or preventing you from getting ahead?

  • Do you have a guiding vision for your future?

  • Do have have a written set of personal, career and business goals to work toward that vision?

I have been a management consultant, trainer and general advice-giver for over 20 years. I have worked with businesses, teams and individuals in all phases of their development to continually improve, grow and strive to reach their potential. It is never too late to start working toward a better future, it's just another choice.

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